Welcome – Dahrl Court FAQ – Special Conditions
dahrl court fully furnished apartments in brisbane
  1. Starter rent is one weeks in advance plus four weeks equivalent as bond upon negotiation. Rent is always kept paid in advance minimum by two weeks and is paid via cash, direct bank transfer or bank deposit.
  2. Your bond is held for you at an Australian government organisation RTA (http://rta.qld.gov.au/).
  3. An incoming apartment inspection is completed upon the start of your rental period with 5 business days of start date. The apartment condition will be agreed upon and signed off on by both the tenant and management. It is a snapshot of the apartment condition at time of entry.
  4. WIFI is for email and basic internet. Anyone found torrenting will be banned permanently without recourse. If you wish to get your own internet provider this is a better option if you want faster bandwidth. The WIFI access point is dahrlcourtoffice. The password is “DahrlCourtOffice1”.
  5. The Laundry is coin operated on gold Australian $1 and $2 coins only. Any other coin will jam the machine. Change is available from the front office during office hours weekdays in values of $20 only. We aren’t a bank and can’t convert small change. Please turn off the laundry light and lock the door when you leave. The laundry is located at the back of the car park. Note that the washing machines work BEST on liquid laundry detergents. If you use powders pour the powder in the bottom of the machine basket before putting your clothes in.
  6. Apartment keys cost $25 to re-issue. If you lose a apartment key you will have to pay for it to be replaced.
  7. The building doors are closed and locked for security. Use your apartment key to get in via the front door or the rear fire stairs. Do not force it to stay open ever.
  8. Parking is always allocated by management, first come first served for lease holders only and spaces are not guaranteed. Existing tenants have allocated spots. Contact management regarding empty spots. Parking is at your own risk. All friends are required to park on the street. Never park without permission. Ask if a spot is available. The back lot is not available for parking as it is owned by another company. Any car parked is at the risk of the car owner. Dahrl Court takes no responsibility for any and all damages to cars parked. Parking on site at Dahrl Court means you automatically agree to these terms.
  9. There is no smoking in the apartments at all. Ever. If you need to smoke you must do so out the front of the property preferably near to the grate in the road or across the road near the light pole. Any evidence of smoking in a apartment will add a cleaning fee of $1000 on exit.
  10. Talking loudly on your mobile phone outside the building after 10pm at night is not permitted as it disturbs other guests sleep. Every room at the front of the property is a bedroom. Best to keep late night phone conversations to your apartment. If you need privacy in your apartment consider using your bathroom. Alternately take your conversation for a late night walk around the block instead. If you’d like to sit outside to talk there is a court yard to the right of the laundry with table, chairs and a light which is for common use up till 11pm.
  11. Installation of your own washing machine, dryer or dishwasher is not permitted in any apartment at any time.
  12. Waste management is on Tuesdays. Put your rubbish in the green bins provided at the front of the property for your convenience. Never overfill bins! Recycling bins are with YELLOW lids, never put food items in the yellow recycling bins. There are also extra regular GREEN wheelie bins downstairs if you’d prefer or in the corner of the car park.
  13. Community vacuum cleaners are on floor 1 in the store apartment next to the front office or on floor 2 it lives near the back door. Please clean the brush head as a courtesy to your neighbours when you finish using it before returning the vacuum to its storage place.
  14. General areas. The hallways and stair wells are common shared tenant areas. Children playing in these areas must be supervised by an adult for safety. Any damage to the building resulting from children playing will be charged to the parent responsible for that child. CCTV footage will be provided. The outside of the front door stair well is not a climbing area for children because of safety. The riding of bicycles, scooters and running on the stairs is not permitted for safety reasons. All child play ends at 7pm for comfort of tenants.
  15. Your apartment light globes are part of our service to you. Let us know when you have an issue and we will fix asap.
  16. Open balcony areas cannot be used for storage as it voids insurance as it is considered an obstruction.
  17. Do not affix anything to walls using tape or blu-tack or any other affixing method. This damages paint and wood and will cost you money to repair. If an apartment is discovered to have tape marks on a wall the cost of the wall repainting will be added to your exit fees . This is charged at $400 per wall with tape marks.
  18. Carpet spills. If you drop something on your carpet clean it up immediately. If you permanently mark or damage our carpet you will be replacing the carpet at your cost and to our specifications.
  19. Your apartment is leased to you in the presentation level condition we’d like to see it returned. As part of your tenancy it is your responsibility to keep your apartment clean. An intake inspection is completed as part of your entry procedure. Your apartment is your home and it is part of our collective home. Please look after it and when you are finished return it to us in a clean and tidy condition as close as reasonably possible to the condition we leased it to you. We expect wear and tear within reason. All breakages and damage will be charged for. We do not store items at all for tenants as we do not have the space for storage. If during maintenance checks we find a apartment is untidy to be a potential issue we will be offering advice to remedy the situation. If this advice is not followed we will issue a term and conditions of lease default notice. Please be respectful of the building and your neighbours.
  20. Apartments bathrooms are not pool quality sealed. As this is an older building the bath apartments are lightly sealed and as such the bath apartment floors can only take light splashing. Heavy water spills on the floor cause expensive building damage. Please close all shower doors and use your shower curtain with it hanging inside your bath area. Tenants will be cautioned if it is discovered that a apartment is not using their shower or bath areas in consideration of this. Any damages from negligence will be charged to the leaseholder. If you require to mop your bathroom with water please do it sparingly.
  21. An apartment is leased on the provision of a maximum of two adults and two children or a maximum of 3 adults. Additional adult occupants in your apartment will cost $50 per adult per week to cover utilities and wear and tear.
  22. Changing apartments : If you have stayed with us less than a month an apartment change will cost you the time to clean it. The apartment must be in the condition it was offered to you and an exit inspection will be completed. If you have been in an apartment for more than a month then you will be charged the full cost of a cleaning service that we will get quoted on for you. This is because changing a apartment is the same for us in cleaning time as exiting the property. In that time the apartment has been used and will require a complete detailing to be presentable for the next tenant.
  23. Service cleaning/Maintenance checks/Air conditioner servicing. The manager and cleaning crew will come to your apartment on average once per month for a service clean. During this please notify us of anything that needs fixing or repair. The maintenance is to stop any random inconvenient events happening in the future (like blocked drains for example).  If you notice any sinks running slow or taps dripping in the meantime please contact the manager to get them fixed. Leaking taps and toilets waste water. Please help us to save water and the environment.
  24. Air conditioner use. Please turn off when leaving your property. It is bad for the environment to leave it running. When using an air conditioner it works best in a sealed environment set at AUTO 24 degrees celsius . Sealed means all windows and doors closed or it won’t work properly. If you have the AC set too low temperature during a hot day it will leak water and eventually stop.  Do not use your air conditioner when cooking as oil gets into the inner vanes and filters stopping it from working efficiently and eventually breaking the AC. In the event that an AC breaks and it is discovered to be because of oil damage the cost to repair will be charged to the tenant.
  25. Leaving Dahrl Court : When your lease period is ending the leaving process is as follows below:
    1. Firstly, you give notice of your intention to leave by email. You are required to give us two weeks notice in advance. The manager will email you back any exit fees costs including remaining rent if applicable.
    2. There will be an exit inspection on your apartment. Any damage to the apartment that is outside of normal wear and tear will be paid for by the primary lease holder.
    3. When exiting you will be charged a bond cleaning fee to cover the cost of returning the apartment to presentation level. We will get a quote for this work and you will be required to make payment direct to the bond cleaners before the end of your term period. For apartments that have no carpets there is a reduction in cleaning fees accordingly. If there is apartment damage this must be paid before bond refund will be approved. Bond refunds occur after cleaning is reviewed as completed.
    4. Exit time is 10.00am on nominated day of leaving. If you leave after 10am you will be charged an extra nights rent. This must be paid before bond is refunded.
  26. Office open hours are typically 7 am – 4 pm *sometimes longer during weekdays Monday to Friday only. The office is closed on weekends. After hours meetings are by appointment only.
  27. Management is on site during the week and is available to help outside of these times for critical emergencies only. On weekends please text or call Chris the Manager on 0466032354 for immediate attention for critical emergencies.
  28. Management accepts after hours contact for emergency purposes. An emergency being a broken water system causing flooding as an example. If this is happening call immediately!
  29. For all fires call 000 immediately.
  30. For all other issues please text Chris (the manager) via mobile phone on 0466032354 and he will reply at his discretion outside of normal office hours.
  31. Table tennis table There is a table tennis table for tenant use in the Laundry apartment. In the box on the table are bats and balls. Tenants are required to replenish the balls when they run out. The table must be returned to the Laundry and covered after use. The box where the paddles are kept is best kept closed to keep possums from getting into it.
  32. BARBEQUE! There is a barbeque for tenant use available by appointment. Arrange with the manager during the week for it to be placed out for use. You will be provided the tools for use and cleaning. The barbeque is provided on the condition that it is returned cleaned and ready for next use.
  33. CCTV. We have 16 CCTV cameras covering most common areas on the property for security. running 24/7. Upon request we can search footage however depending upon when an event happen this may cost a lot in time and will be charged for. Just ask and we can tell you if it will help you to have a search done for you.
  34. Rental value increases are notified in writing and happen six monthly to yearly depending upon expenses increases.
  35. Monthly service cleaning happens once per month for all apartments. It is an optional FREE service. If you do not wish for it then let management know. The service clean is a basic surface wipe down clean of the kitchen benches and cooktop, microwave, surfaces including baths and showers and a vacuum. If your place has items left around it will be left as we don’t like to disturb personal items. It a free service basic clean to help you keep on top of things. If you want a deeper cleaning service that costs more and takes a lot more time.
  36. Special conditions are subject to change at any time and without notice. This welcome FAQ was last updated 20200715